Borders Formulary

NHS Borders Joint Prescribing Formulary

Welcome - wherever you are accessing the BJF - online in GP surgery, out-patients, wards.....or via your mobile phone. This version of the BJF is updated monthly.

As ever I am greatly indebted to my colleagues from all specialities, clinical groups and practices for their co-operation, support, enthusiasm and other talents brought to the formulary groups.

I would also like to thank everyone who comments on the content of the formulary and hope that you will continue to do so.

The effort of everyone involved in producing the BJF is much appreciated.

The development of this formatting for our Borders Joint Formulary is new and we ask that you will bear with us while we optimise use of this technology.

My sincere thanks and appreciation are extended to the following colleagues who have contributed to the production of the BJF:

Dr Mohammed Abdel-al Mr Ammar Alhasso Ros Anderson
Dr Jonathan Antrobus Dr Michael Armstrong Dr Jenny Buxton
Mr Martin Berlansky Dr Ian Bond Gill Black
Allison Carruthers Dr Dan Clutterbuck Dr Graham Cook
Dr Cath Cormie Dr Paul Cormie Dr Tom Cripps
Dr Jeff Cullen Dr Derek Dickson Mrs Vee Dobie
Emma Dodd Gillian Donaldson Dr Anne Duguid
Dr Andrew Duncan Dr Chris Evans Dr Jakki Faccenda
Ellen Ferguson Dr Rob Forbes Dr Cameron Fergus
Dr Jonathan Fletcher Dr Jane Goddard Dr Sarah Glen
Dr Alistair Gordon Hazel Gueldner Dr Hassan Hashmi
Derek Hedderly Dr Declan Hegarty Dr Olive Herlihy
Susan Hogg Dr Annabel Howell Emma Howie
David Clouting Dr Ed James Dr Rosie Jones
Dr Jonathan Kirk Dr Simone Laube
Dr Nigel Leary Dr Diana Leaver Dr Peter Leslie
Dr Paul Lockie Dr David Love Dr Brian Magowan
Dr Jonathan Manning Dr Paul Marinecz Dr Wendy Metcalfe
Dr Sarah McAleer Anne McComb Dr Jane MacDonell
Dr Anne Marie McGhee Dr David Mckay Helen McKendrick
Dr Paul Marynicz Adrian MacKenzie Alan McLaren
Dr Andrew McLaren Dr Stephen Moralee Dr Paul Morris
Dr Robert Murray Dr Paul Neary Eileen Nicol
Elaine Oliver Dr Alistair Palmer Dr John O'Donnell
Dr Andrew Pearson Dr Chris Richards Dr Ruth Richmond
Dr Faye Rodger David Romanes Dr Jonathon Ross
Dr Anne Scott Catherine Scott Dr Cliff Sharp
Louise Sigston Dr Ruth Solomon Jennifer Smith
Dr Shona Smith Dr John Steven Vince Summers
Dr Paul Syme Jackie Szoneberg Mr John Terrace
Mr Ben Thomas Dr John Tucker Dr Simon Watkin
Shirley Watson Jenny Webb Alison Wilson
Dr Craig Wheelans Dr Ailsa Wylie Dr Gill Yellowlees

And in particular my colleagues on The Borders Formulary Committee:

Dr Joanne Graham Keith MacLure Dr Nicola Henderson
Dr Paul Neary Alison Wilson Dr Elliot Longworth
Catherine Scott
Kate Warner (administrator).

The BJF is an evidence-based formulary based on local expert opinion and practice in NHS Borders, and encompasses prescribing in both primary and secondary care.

The content of BJF sections is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Throughout the BJF there are two different colours:

Black print indicates drugs which may be prescribed by all prescribers
Pink print indicates drugs which are either for specialist only prescription or for specialist initiation, with prescribing transfer to GP


Please contact me if you wish to have any new drugs considered for inclusion in the BJF, or if you have suggestions for future improvements.

Liz Leitch
Formulary Pharmacist NHS Borders.
01896 826782.

1. Gastro-intestinal System
2. Cardiovascular System
3. Respiratory System
4. Central Nervous System
5. Infections (both primary care and secondary care)
6. Endocrine System
7. Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Urinary-tract disorders
8. Malignant disease and Immunosuppression
9. Nutrition and Blood
10. Musculoskeletal and Joint diseases
11. Eye
12. Ear, Nose, and Oral cavity
13. Skin
15. Anaesthesia

Palliative Care Guidelines (a hard copy of NHS Lothian and Borders guidelines for palliative care is now issued to all prescribers)
Wound Management Products
Continence Section
Dental Prescribing
Oral Nutrional Supplements

(Paediatrics 1) Gastro-intestinal System
(Paediatrics 2) Cardiovascular System
(Paediatrics 3) Respiratory System
(Paediatrics 4) Central Nervous System
(Paediatrics 5) Infections
(Paediatrics 6) Drugs used in Diabetes

In addition to the disclaimer on NHS Borders website the following information is included confirming that the information contained in NHS Borders Joint Prescribing formulary is drawn from several sources, including BNF & BNF for children, product SPCs, local and national guidelines, local expert opinion, Lothian Joint Formulary and these are all gratefully acknowledged here.

NHS Borders has done it's utmost to ensure the information in the BJF is accurate and reliable, but NHS Borders cannot guarantee that the information is complete and accurate. Prescribers are referred to the SPCs, BNF and BNF for children to confirm prescribing information.