NHS Borders can provide work placements to students over the age of 16 interested in a career in the health services.

General Placements

These placements are designed to give a taste of what life is like working in a hospital. A general placement will generally involve spending time in a number of departments, observing and getting an understanding of the type of work involved and the wide variety of issues staff deal with on a daily basis.

These placements are usually arranged for a period of three to four days.

Pupils under the age of 16 can only receive work experience in non-clinical settings.

Voluntary Helpers

There are some opportunities to gain a little experience of working with patients by working as a voluntary helper on a ward. This placement suits those who can commit to a full week or a regular day or two over a period of a month or more.

These placements are particularly suitable for pupils applying to medical school who want to get more involved.

Work Experience

These placements are for students at college or university who are looking for a more long term placement. The placement may be arranged in any department including administrative and support services.

What you need to do

Before we can find you a placement we will need you to provide the following:

1. Application form

Complete the online application form and include any special interests you have and we will try to accommodate you, and tell us which the day or dates and times when you would like to come.  This form needs to be fully completed before submitting.

2. Reference

Provide a supporting statement or reference from your guidance or pastoral care teacher, school work place co-ordinator or tutor, this can be uploaded onto your online application form.