7th day of Christmas - Nursing Style

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I would like to extend my warm wishes this Christmas to all the hard working staff in NHS Borders and in particular to all the nurses and midwives. Every day I have the pleasure of being reminded that the reputation of NHS Borders and our clinical profession is as good as it is because of the dedication of you in your day to day work.

There are many highlights throughout 2015 that I could share with you but in cheesy deference to the season, which I make no apologies, I am going to share only 12 and a partridge in a pear tree.

On my seventh day of Christmas – Nursing style is the King’s Fund review.

Following on from the investigations into the complaints at Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trustthe Public Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) in England made recommendations about the future of midwifery regulations in the UK. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) commissioned the King’s Fund to review the current arrangements in response to the recommendations. The review concluded that the NMC, as healthcare professional regulator, should have direct responsibility for the regulation of midwives and that the additional statutory role associated with the Local Supervising Authority (LSA) should cease. The review also concluded that Local Supervising Midwifery Officers played an important role in providing strategic oversight of maternity services. Currently the Department of Health England is leading work with the four UK Chief Nursing Officers, the NMC and the Royal College of Midwives to consider the possibility of a UK wide future model for midwifery supervision, which will be presented to the Secretary of State. In Scotland, a taskforce has been established to implement the recommendations from the UK wide work.

My 8th moment of 2015 will be posted tomorrow – Monday 21th December 2015 at 12 noon and will be available through @nhsborders on Twitter.

See you again tomorrow,