Courage, curiosity & commitment - Part 2

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My daughter is going to Australia for a year to work and this major personal event has made me reflect on my career, my job and nursing in general.

As nurses and midwives we are central to ensuring that care is person centred and that we are compassionate in our interactions with patients, carers and relatives at times of extreme stress in their own lives. We are trained to be curious, to seek to understand and to enquire after our patient’s health and wellbeing. I understand that sometimes we have so much going on in our personal lives that it can be tempting not to want to fully engage in understanding and seeking to help other people with their problems, but as nurses and midwives I would encourage you to be appropriately aware and hold onto the propensity to help and I would urge you to have the courage to continue to do what’s right for the patient and their family regardless of what’s going on in your personal life.

The feedback that I have had is that it is mostly informative but not really so much about sharing me. This time I have tried to rectify this. This is a brave deed by me as I am not naturally prone to openly sharing my feelings; however as a leader in the NHS I recognise that this is something that can engage the wider workforce. 

I am encouraging direct conversation with you through my twitter link