A little kindness makes a big impact

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I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of the first month of the New Year. In December I shared with you some of my highlights for nurses and midwives in 2015. Thank you to those of you who responded and also shared your highlights.

Recently I received a very influential l email from one of the senior nurses who work in NHS Borders. I was copied into her letter of thanks to another nurse who was days from retiring. The retiring nurse before she left made a point of sharing with me the difference that the senior nurse had made in a clinical area by focusing on leading and managing the team with clarity, kindness but a determination to do what was right for patients and staff. When I heard the detail I made a point of calling on the senior nurse to share the feedback and to offer my gratitude for her efforts. Indeed I could also see the difference both nurses had made working together with the focus of improving things for both staff and patients.

My reflections were that if as a profession we could focus on the strengths of people and help them make the most of their contribution then the world of nursing would be a better place. I will be eternally grateful to both of these nurses for making me stop and think.


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