Friday May 27, 2016

From Pavarotti to The Proclaimers

The staff awards give a massive boost to staff morale way beyond the event itself and the positive affect is felt all year. We regularly receive donations from patients and families to thank our staff for their hard work and care they provide; our staff awards are one way of thanking our frontline staff.

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Friday February 19, 2016

When we don’t deliver the best possible care

My world has been rocked recently by two very distressing Scottish Public Sector Ombudsman (SPSO) reports published at the end of last year about the care of patients in NHS Borders. Regardless of how badly I felt it cannot be a patch on what the families of the patients felt when we didn’t deliver the best possible care and when they had to pursue answers to their concerns through the SPSO.

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Friday November 27, 2015

Courage, curiosity & commitment - Part 2

As nurses and midwives we are central to ensuring that care is person centred and that we are compassionate in our interactions with patients, carers and relatives at times of extreme stress in their own lives. We are trained to be curious, to seek to understand and to enquire after our patient’s health and wellbeing.

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Friday November 13, 2015

Courage, curiosity & commitment - Part 1

This week I am reminded of the need to have courage and be brave in all parts of my life. My daughter is going to Australia for a year to work and this major personal event has made me reflect on my career, my job and nursing in general.

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Thursday August 6, 2015

Director of Nursing and Midwifery's 1st blog

When I started in NHS Borders as the Director of Nursing & Midwifery 3 years ago the senior nursing team and I created our very first work plan. We did it because we wanted to have a sense of direction and evidence the unique contribution that the Nursing & Midwifery Directorate made to achieve the corporate objectives.

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