Supported by Scottish Government and Alzheimer's Scotland, NHS Borders is delighted to announce the appointment of Peter Lerpiniere to the new role of Alzheimer's Dementia Nurse Consultant.

Currently a Liaison Nurse Specialist in Mental Health Older Adult Services within NHS Borders, Peter has been nursing for 27 years and brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge.

A former Team Manager of Community Mental Health Teams, a Charge Nurse and with a history of involvement with strategic health planning, Peter is a valued addition to the provision of healthcare services for those with Dementia in Scottish Borders.

His role will focus on supporting those who experience Dementia and their families by providing expert advice, guidance and influencing clinical considerations. The role will have strategic influence and bridge a gap between care delivery and the world of research and development supported by Queen Margaret University.

A further key role for Peter is to support colleagues within the Borders General Hospital and within community settings to further develop their skills, knowledge and abilities in meeting the needs of those who experience Dementia, ensuring that high standards of care are experienced wherever the care setting.

David Thomson, Associate Director of Nursing for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities, welcomes Peter to his new role with NHS Borders and expresses confidence in the positive impact Peter's appointment will have on quality of care and the patient and carer experience.

Peter is due to take up his new role at the beginning of May 2015.