Lights have been dedicated to Maya Helen Lothian, Kenny Wight, James M Bonsor, Murray & Nettie Martin, Peter Bibby, Jamie Drysdale, George Young, Colin J Blaikie, Graham Redgrave, Cathy Cossar, Tom & Helen Patterson, Les Cossar, Daniel Irvine, Rhys Williams, Baby Ruben Peter Errington, Heather's dear Mum, Kenneth Monks, John Crerar, Jenny Bald, Joyce Woodyet, Aaron McLeod, Edna Farquhar, Anna Wells, Norma Love, Nanny Grace, Carmel Stephen, Helen Clark Dickson, Anthony Mundell, Holly May Steven, Nancy & Ian McLauchlan, Baby E, Denham Lothian, Isabella Smail, Sophie Errington, Rosemary Small, Grandpa, Steven Grierson, Andrew Darling and Isabel Darling, George & Margaret Messer, Duncan Sinclair Paterson, George Small, Brian Weir, Janet Inglis, Dean Anderson, Lorraine Harrison, Isabel Anderson, Catherine Redpath, Alan Martin, Lynne Grieve, Tom and Maimie Cunningham, Evelyn Elliot, Mary Irving, Jack Grierson, David 'Lofty' Loughton, Mum and Cherry, Susan, Iris Robertson, Jessica Jane Graham, Jim McGowan, Professor James J. More, Ailsa Westbury, James McRae Maitland, Elizabeth McGowan, Elizabeth Donkin, Papa Denham, Dora Paterson, Davina Jones, Caitlin Smyth, Ruth Thompson, Cadha Smyth, Jenny Pearson, Jock, Gladys & Barry Noble, Tippy, William Bowers, Ruby Raine, Grace Connor, James and Jessie Mack, Uncle Roy, Grandma and Grandy, Mark and Gilly Gaddie, Susan Clark, Jack and Harry, John and Pat Gaddie, Marie Stella, Spencer Pitman, Ruth Douglas, Rona Nicholson, Yvonne Kerr, George Steele, Steven Grierson, Tom Galbraith, May Galbraith, Wendy Barker, John Long, Logan Blaikie, Ryan Weir, Eddie McLachlan, Allan McLachlan, James M Inglis, Jean Christina Raeburn, Papa Dodds, Andrew Haig, Peter Cowe, John Adams, Andrew Beattie, May McLachlan, Rosalyn Weir, Granny Margaret, Mary McLachlan, Stuart McKay, Chloe Blaikie, Hew and Janet Wood, Dad, Arthur Edward Ladlow, Margaret Alma Joan Wiley, Ruby Watson, Scott Watson 'YOGI', Stephanie Ostrowski, Jaqueline Kowbel, Kath Nuttall (Jolly), Fiona Dove, Dot Haig, Edward and Joyce Simpson, John and Helen Gordon, Jeff Gordon, George Dick, Jacqueline Kowbel, Ian Fairgrieve, Kathleen Barnes, Ian Fairgrieve, Jennifer Munro, David and Lilias Henderson, Sadie Anderson, Sheila Elizabeth Jane Buchan, John Lamb, Flora & Jimmy Blyth, Lauren Jane Scott, Papa Turner, Margaret Baxter, Holly Smith, Barbara Henderson, Steven Grierson, Jim Stark, James Brown, Aileen Stewart, Gary Clark, Robert Jolly, Neil Angus Stuart, Jan Pettigrew, Rolf Brown, Greig McKinnon, Jane Muriel Brown, Stuart McKenzie, Edna Stewart, Cheryl Cummings, Sonny Steele, Gladys Higginbotham, Jimmy Mcleish, Alex, Roy Kay, Alexander 'Eck' Murray, James, Albert & Kitty Rudkin, Steven, Bill Heatlie, Matt, Peter and Stephanie Errington, Matt Lochrie, Ashley Wichary, George Hume, Madge Wichary, Ruth Nicol, Auntie Kay, Frank Curle, Neville Fitzsimmons, Mike Hodgson, Scott Andrew, Peter Stewart, My friends & family, Graham Schneider, Joyce Knox, Grace Walker, Bob & Maggie Gray, Elizabeth & James Johnstone, Johnny Walker, Jane Savory, Kirsten, John Dickson, Costas, Campbell Baxter, Avril Welsh, Robert Wood, Clare, Karen Wilson, wee Gran, Morven, John and Jo, Karen, Mr Miles, Amy Grant, Irene Amos, Adam Amos, May Welsh, William Welsh, Campbell Baxter, Norman Grieve, Jeannie fae Troon, Jean Bone, Granda, George Anderson, John Matheson, Clare Gillespie, Claire Dennett, Isobel Burton, Rena Dodds, Ruth Dorward, Beau Ban, The Bon Family, Doreen Gilbert, Ann and George Purvis, Mandy Brotherstone, Alan and Allison, Jess, Rob and Val Millar, James and Nicola, David and Ashleigh, families of stillborn babies, Cameron & Reuben Purvis and Dr Rachel Williamson.

tree of light

Christmas is a time of celebration but also a time of reflection. This year we are bringing a little festive spirit to NHS Borders with a special Christmas tree outside the Chaplaincy Centre at Borders General Hospital. We would like to invite you to dedicate a light on our tree of light either to honour those treasured people who have helped to light up your life or to mark a joyful event such as a wedding or a birth. Your dedication can be made to anyone regardless of whether you, or they, have had a connection with NHS Borders services.

It is a simple yet moving way of remembering those you love or have loved, and will also spread joy to the people who require some of our NHS Services this festive season.

For a donation of any amount you can dedicate a light, or several lights, on our tree as your very own personal and unique tribute.  Each dedication will be acknowledged with an electronic card you can share with family and friends and where we have permission to do so, we will list the dedications on our website.  Your donation will support  “The Difference” (Borders Health Board Endowment Funds, Reg. No. SC008225) to make the difference to patient care in the Borders by supporting projects and initiatives across our region that enhance our services or improve patient environments.

Our Tree of Light is now shining outside the Chaplaincy at Borders General Hospital following our lighting ceremony on Tuesday 6th December.  The tree will be up until after Christmas so there is still time to make your dedication on our Tree of Light.

To dedicate a light today, please click here - (open in Google Chrome)

This is our first year but we hope in years to come to have a Tree Of Light in other community locations.

For more information on the difference please visit our fundraising page.

in our hearts