NHS Borders has launched a search to find three new Non-Executives to join its board and help continuing efforts to improve the health and well-being of the 114,000 residents of the Scottish Borders.

Non-Executive members of the board of NHS Borders come from all walks of life and are prized for the life experiences they bring to the role as much as for any particular qualifications.

Overseeing the wide range of health and social care services provided by NHS Borders, which include acute, mental health, primary and community services, Non-Executive members have a vital role to play.

One of the current Non-Executives is Dr Stephen Mather, who summed up their role as 'patient champions' ensuring that the senior management of NHS Borders delivers what it says it will.

"So by being a Non-Executive we can ensure we provide the best quality health care within the region," added Dr Mather.

Fellow Non-Executive Karen Hamilton, who comes from a non-healthcare background, says her time so far in the role has been highly satisfying: "What's important to me as a Non-Executive is that I have an opportunity to make a difference."

And David Davidson, another Non-Executive who has found the role very rewarding, added; "It really is a way for a member of the public, who's got some skills and who's got some time, to make a very valuable addition to the way decisions are made locally within the health service."

John Raine, Chairman of NHS Borders, says the Non-Executive members of his Board are valued for their central role in guiding strategies which address the health and social care priorities and care needs of the people of the Scottish Borders.

Mr Raine commented: "You do not need any previous board level experience as you will be offered the training you need to make a strong contribution. I am looking for enthusiastic, committed people who really care about the work of NHS Borders, and how we can continue to drive improvement in the challenging times that we face.

"Your past experiences could be many and varies, and may not relate to health and social care - what matters most will be the role you can play in influencing health and social care in our region."

In addition, for one of these posts, NHS Borders is looking for someone who has the levels of financial, audit and risk experience to enable them to participate immediately as a member of the Audit Committee, with the possibility of taking up the Chair of that committee in due course.

Anyone interested in putting themselves forward can obtain an application pack at http://www.appointed-for-scotland.org from Friday 12 May 2017. Alternatively, anyone seeking further information can contact 0300 244 1898.

Closing date for applications is Friday 2 June 2017 with the formal appointments being made by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport.