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Request for Assistance

A request for assistance from Paediatric Occupational Therapy  for a child can be made via a number of avenues.


Request for Assistance Via Health Professional

This can be made by via a child's Doctor, Health Visitor, Nurse, Physiotherapist or Speech Therapist following the required guidance, and with consent from parents/ carers.


Request for Assistance Via Education

This can be made by via a child's class teacher, support for learning teacher, head teacher etc, following the required guidance, nursery, primary and secondary questionnaires and documentation, with consent from parents/ carers.


Parents/ Carers Request for Assistance

Alternatively, parents/ carers can contact the service directly and a parents and carers guide has been developed to offer further information and guidance.

Contact can be made via;

Telephone  on 01896 826033, or

Emailing email:

NB an occupational therapist will respond to this request within 5 working days.

What Next?

There are several ways in which support might be offered, which include;

    • Providing reassurance, advice and support
    • Providing information e.g activity resources, parent/ carer workshops/ health promotion etc.
    • Signposting to other services/ Community resources/ etc
    • Occupational Therapy assessment.