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About our service:

The Research Governance Co-ordinator is a member of the Clinical Goverance & Quality Team. Services include: 

  • Developing new therapies and technologies is fundamental to advancing the provision of healthcare. Research ensures that the best evidence based practice is followed in promoting and protecting health service providers in providing the highest possible care for its users.
  • Assisting with queries regarding carrying out research and service evaluations within NHS Borders.
  • Providing assurance that all research within NHS Borders fulfils legal,ethical and scientific regulations.
  • Facilitating the local approval process for research studies through the Research Governance Committee.
  • Monitoring active research studies.
  • Facilitating the Research passport process within NHS Borders.
  • Co-ordinating responses to feasibility enquires.
  • Contract negotiation
  • Promotion of research within NHS Borders including staff awareness sessions.
  • Participation in national awareness campaigns such as SHARE which aims to recruit individuals interested in participating in reseach projects.

When are we open:

Clinical Governance & Quality is open Monday to Friday

How to contact us:

Tel: 01896 826717

Staff list:

Joy Dawson, Research Governance Co-ordinator