NHS Research Scotland (NRS) is an initiative developed to streamline the process of obtaining approval for multicentre research studies in Scotland. The process is managed by the NRS coordinating centre (NRSCC), based in Aberdeen, which is the main point of contact for applicants undertaking such studies, and is responsible for liaising with NHS Board R&D offices to facilitate Board and management approval prior to study initiation.

This approach will enhance the attractiveness of NHS Scotland as a site for large scale research projects.

How does the system operate?

The NRSCC receives and collates the agreed valid national documentation set and assigns a unique study identifier. The researcher therefore only has to provide the information on their study once. The NRSCC also registers the study on the national web-based research database.

The NRSCC assigns a generic review site*, which assesses issues including legal and research governance criteria, before alerting the other participating Health Board R&D offices to initiate the local review. The NRSCC tracks the progress of the study through the approval steps and helps maintain adherence to timelines.

*Appropriate confidentiality agreements will be in place prior to the further distribution of study documentation outwith the NRSCC.

How does the system tie in with wider UK developments?

While the general remit of NRS is the streamlining of the review and approval processes for multicentre research in NHS Scotland, the CC is also forging links with similar initiatives in England , Northern Ireland & Wales (e.g.NHS CSP) to ensure the smooth processes for cross border studies.

For further information please go to the NRSCC website.

Contact Details: 

Any queries should be sent by email to NHSG.NRSCC@nhs.net or telephone 01224 552361. 

Postal address:

NHS Research Scotland Coordinating Centre
Foresterhill House Annexe
AB25 2ZB

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