Management Approval

NHS Borders is obliged to meet national research guidelines set out in the Research Governance Framework. It is essential that all clinical research activity complies with these guidelines and is registered and approved by the Research and Development Office on behalf of NHS Borders prior to a study commencing.

When is Management Approval required?

R&D Management Approval is required for research involving:

  • NHS staff
  • Patients
  • Tissues
  • Organs
  • Data
  • NHS facilities
  • NHS equipments

How Do I Apply for Research?

The documents required to gain R&D Management approval which must be obtained prior to study start-up are:

  • electronic copy of the R&D version* of the IRAS form
  • completed and signed (by local investigator) SSI form*, including any relevant authorisations
  • copy of any funding award letter, breakdown of any funding requirements, where appropriate
  • protocol
  • copies of correspondence e.g. ethics approval, MHRA authorisationetc
  • copy of peer review where applicable
  • written conformation of research sponsor
  • Clinical Trial Agreement (if required)

* available from

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