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For more information please contact Health Improvement on 01896 824500.

Sexual Health Training:

The aim of the one-day sexual health training course is to increase participant’s awareness and knowledge of the most common sexually transmitted infections and to increase their confidence when discussing sexual health. 

The training is delivered by NHS Borders Health Improvement Team and Borders Sexual Health.

Course content:

  • To increase knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) and to discuss prevalence of STI’s at a local and national level.
  • To discuss how to introduce sexual health and look at health promotion opportunities within existing roles and workplaces
  • To discuss what factors influence attitudes towards sexuality and sexual behaviours and influences on sexual health and behaviour
  • To increase knowledge of safer sex and approached that can be used with service users, clients, patients
  • To become aware of what services are on offer in the Borders

Awareness Raising training

There is also one-day awareness raising training, jointly developed and delivered by NHS Borders Health Inprovement Team and LGBT Youth Borders, on gender stereotypes, where they come from and how they affect young people’s self image coming up. 

The training will also look at what we as professional can do to positively address the issues that may arise.  The exercises used during the training can be adapted and used with children and young people to supplement and compliment current Sex and Relationship Education.

To equire about further course dates please contact Health Improvement on: 01896 824500


There is a sexual health resource library based at NHS Borders Health Improvement Team.  This includes information leaflets, DVDs, games, teaching resources for primary schools and people with learning disabilities, a safer sex wall, STI flash cards and more. 

The resources can be borrowed by professionals free of charge.

For more information please contact Health Improvement on 01896 824500.