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What do we do:

Borders General Hospital

  • DME Ward 10 (acute geriatric assessment and rehabilitation)
  • Borders stroke unit
  • Day hospital (outpatient clinics)
  • Main outpatient department
  • DME consultants also have responsibility for general medical inpatients in wards 4,5,MAU,12

Community Hospitals

  • DME consultants also have responsibility for some in patients within the community hospitals

About our Services:

DME provides specialist medical care and treatment for elderly patients (generally over 65s) and all stroke patients both within the BGH and through our out patient services.

BGH Inpatients

  • DME ward 10 (acute geriatric assessment / rehabilitation)
  • Border stroke unit (acute assessment and rehabilitation)
  • Medical / surgical / orthopaedic wards
    • DME consultants provide specialist review of inpatients on request from the ward terms.
    • DME consultants are also responsible for general medical inpatients

BGH Outpatients

  • General medical / geriatric assessment clinics
  • Syncope and falls clinics
  • Neurovascular (stroke) clinics – one stop clinic for investigation of possible stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease clinic
  • Cardiovascular clinic (one stop specialty clinic for older patients with possible heart disease)
  • Osteoporosis clinic

Community Hospitals:

  • DME consultants visit each community hospital on a weekly basis. They are currently responsible for some community hospital in patients (generally frail elderly patients)
  • Specialist review of patients on request of the patient’s GP

How to contact us:

Tel: 01896 826000 ( extension - DME office/ individual consultants secretaries)

Staff List:

  • Dr Janet Bennison (Consultant Physician and Head of Clinical Service)
  • Dr Alastair Gordon (Consultant Physician)
  • Dr Jennifer Inglis (Consultant Physician)
  • Dr Susan Kerr (Consultant Physician)
  • Dr Andrew McLaren (Consultant Physician)
  • Dr Paul Syme (Consultant Physician)
  • Dr Carol Norris (Consultant Physician)
  • Ms Rachel Stewart (Consultant Physician)
  • Mr Kirk Lakie (Service Manager)
  • Mr David Henderson (Operational Manager)

How to access our service:

For inpatients:

  • Referrals are made to DME by the individual ward medical teams.

For outpatients

  • GP referrals for all clinics.
  • Some referrals direct from other hospital departments (e.g. A+E, medical unit)

Where are we:

Department of Medicine for the Elderly
Borders General Hospital

Telephone: 01896 826000 (DME office / individual consultants secretaries)