Client feedback

We regularly monitor and evaluate our service and the impact that it has upon people's health.  We use the feedback to make adjustments in what we do and how we deliver the service.  Reported levels of satisfaction by service users is high: 

  • 91% of service users claim to be very satisfied or satisfied with the service they received from LASS
  • 89% of service users say they would return to use the service if they had a need in future; and
  • 91% would be willing to recommend the service to their friends and family.

If you would like to give feedback please email our team:

What patients have told us

"I would like to express how grateful I am with the treatment received by Lorna at Teviot Health Centre, Hawick.

I lived in Surrey but worked in London mainly at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as one of the Senior Children's nurses and retired after 36 years in the NHS.  As soon as I retired we moved to the Borders to build our house and lived in a caravan while the build was going on.  During that process I put on a lot of weight and in short lost who I was and did not adjust well from the busy London life to country living.

Not only did Lorna help and inspire me to lose the weight to return to what I was before leaving London and to a weight I feel far comfortable with, but also helped me to realise why I had put on the weight and how I could change things in my life to make me find myself again and start enjoying living in the Borders.

For me, I feel that she went well beyond what I would have expected from someone in her role and I will be forever grateful for her input and inspiration.

This service is very special to me and is extremely worthwhile and I know it may suffer regaining funding to maintain it so therefore if there is anything I can ever do to help and promote it, I am happy to be contacted.

A massive thanks to Lorna who has helped make my life a far happy one in the Borders."


"My overall view of the Lifestyle Support is very informative as there s very little support for people who have suffered life threating illness i.e. heart attacks needs for eating proper healthy food.

The service has helped me look at my exercise and the things I eat and helps when buying food to look at labels for salts and fats.

One of the things that I think would be a very big improvement would be the very start for the Lifestyle support team as soon as you are ready to leave hospital because there is no support to guide you on eating habits for lack of exercise when you get out.  This should be in place before you come out, not like me when it was about 3 years after with no help on eating and fitness, you tend to stop exercise and end up eating all the wrong things and put on weight."


"I have been very impressed with the lifestyle advisers.  Despite there being periods where I didn't think I was making any progress, the adviser encouraged me to keep coming for my appointments.  I am hugely grateful to her as it really helped my state of wellbeing and to reach my goals."

"I started to attend the Lifestyle Adviser with the intention to lose weight and improve my emotional wellbeing and I have been successful!  I put this down to getting motivation and support at each of our meetings and working on small steps using a monthly plan.  I was able to reduce the amount of food I ate whilst still maintaining a health diet.  I was also advised to use a pedometer to measure my daily steps and increase my walking, which has been a great motivator and has lifted my moods."


"It started when I saw a surgeon with a injury to my back after a road accident, I was told if I lost weight it might help, so was referred to a Lifestyle Adviser where my journey started. 

We talked about food, activities and best of all motivation.  I was not on a diet but a healthy eating programme which is a far better way to lose weight.

I filled in food diaries and then we went through them and soon got to se where I could change what to eat as a healthier choice, no food was barred, also losing weight slowly I was more likely to keep it off.

2 years later 3l lbs lighter.  I eat more fruit and veg, but hardly notice the way I ate as I was not on a diet it has been great, and really appreciate all the help I have been given by the Lifestyle Adviser and motivation."


Lorna Farquharson - Lifestyle Adviser


LASS Client