Health assessment stories

People benefit in many ways from their health and wellbeing assessment including:

  • peace of mind that they're in good health, or reassurance about something that's worrying them
  • realistic advice about healthier eating, getting more active, safer alcohol use, stop smoking groups, and stress management.
  • being signposted to people or services who can help them with issues like stopping smoking, reducing weight or who can offer advice about money matters, welfare payments or social activities.


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Mr Henry's story 

Other patient stories

"When I started working with the lifestyle adviser, my working life was in chaos, everything felt out of control and I also felt very ill.  My weight was out of control, along with everything else and it was really starting to have an impact on my daily life.  I couldn't stand for very long because of back pain, walking up and down stairs was becoming a problem and it seemed that everything had become unmanageable. Today, my life is much better, I can now walk up and down stairs easily, I walk my dog twice a day, I can iron for two hours or more while standing and I feel healthier and much more in control of my daily life.  I am not perfect - I still get things wrong sometimes, but I have all the information and confidence to get back on track."

"I was initially referred to the lifestyle adviser due to my weight.  When I met the adviser I was able to talk frankly and confidently about the personal problems I have faced which have affected my relationship with food.   Just having someone to talk to who would not judge me and who would help me physically and emotionally was a massive support.  If it hadn't been for this service I would still be gaining weight and my unhealthy lifestyle would have consumed me.  Not only has the adviser helped me address my weight issues, but my sleep deprivation, smoking and mental health problems."

"Just to say thank you so much for helping me to regain some esteem which when I first came to see you was going downhill fast.  To be able to know it was important for me to look after myself and think about how I was dealing with my feelings has been quite an eye opener.  Also being allowed to be totally honest was such a relief, I hope I can continue to take control of my weight and health.  I have learned a lot about myself over the months we have been chatting."