You can get an appointment with the LASS Service in one of three ways:

  • Your doctor, practice nurse or healthcare worker will complete a referral form with you, see below.
  • You can also refer yourself to the service which is available in most health centres in the Borders.  See list below.

Hand Writing Make Appointment Pen Lass

LASS Referral Form- please fill in and send via email to or by post to

Alison Colvin, LASS administrator, Room 54, Newstead, TD6 9DA


Waiting times

Usually people do not need to wait any longer than 2 to 3 weeks for their first appointment. 

Where to get an appointment

Lorna Farquharson, LASS Adviser - Hawick and Earlston areas
Hawick Teviot Medical Practice Telephone: 01450 361000
O'Connell Street Medical Practice Telephone: 01450 361000
Earlston Medical Practice Telephone: 01896 848333
Maryse Robertson, LASS Adviser - Galashiels
Galashiels Health Centre Telephone: 01896 661366
Alison Rodwell, LASS Adviser - Eyemouth and Greenlaw
Eyemouth Medical Practice Telephone: 01890 750383
Greenlaw Surgery Telephone: 01361 810216

David Johnston, LASS Adviser - West Linton, Stow, Lauder, Peebles and Innerleithen

St Ronan's Health Centre, Innerleithen Telephone: 01896 830203
West Linton Medical Practice Telephone: 01968 660808
Lauder & Stow Health Centre

(Lauder) Telephone: 01578 718670;

(Stow) Telephone: 01896 661440

Hay Lodge Health Centre, Peebles Telephone: 01721 720601
Pamela Jawarowska, LASS Adviser - Roxburgh Street (Galashiels) and Melrose
Roxburgh Street Surgery, Galashiels Telephone: 01896 752257
Melrose Health Centre Telephone: 01896 822161
Marie Barton, LASS Adviser - Kelso, Selkirk and Newtown St. Boswells
Kelso Health Centre Telephone: 01573 223001
Eildon Surgery, Newtown St Boswells Telephone: 01835 822777
Selkirk Medical Practice Telephone: 01750 21674
Gordon Elliot, LASS Adviser - Jedburgh, Duns and Coldstream
Jedburgh Medical Practice Telephone: 01835 863361
Coldstream Surgery Telephone: 01890 885288
Duns Partnership Telephone: 01361 885030
Duns Medical Group Telephone: 01361 885040
Chirnside Medical Practice Telephone: 01890 818253
General Contacts
Pamela Jawarowska, LASS Senior Lifestyle Adviser
Borders General Hospital, Melrose Telephone: 01896 827235
Alison Colvin, LASS Administrator
NHS Borders, Newstead Telephone: 01896 824502