The maternity care team of NHS Borders aims to provide a high quality, safe and supportive service for women and their families during pregnancy, labour and birth and the early days after birth.

We support the choices women wish to make and involve women in decisions about their care during pregnancy and labour.

We aim to provide women with good quality evidence-based information to help them make informed decisions about their care and the care of their baby.

We would like our unit to feel like a home from home – friendly, calm and welcoming.

We hope to do what we can to ensure that the time that women and their families have with us here is as positive an experience as possible.

The Maternity Team in the Scottish Borders:

  • Provide preparation for labour classes that develop women’s confidence in their ability to labour and give birth
  • Provide antenatal appointments that are based on a woman’s need and give the woman time to ask any questions
  • Provide one to one care from a midwife for all women in established labour
  • Provide timely expert medical support for women and their babies when it is needed
  • Provide support after the baby’s birth that helps women gain confidence in caring for and feeding their baby