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We know it’s hard to stop smoking for many reasons. It’s not just a matter of deciding to do it – sometimes there are other things that can make it difficult to cut cigarettes out of your life. And sometimes you need more than just willpower to make sure you can stick to a SmokeFree life.

That’s why we have established Stop Smoking services for people who live in the Borders area and want to give up smoking.

Stop Smoking support from Quit4Good is offered in a variety of local places including:

  • Support in the Community
  • Community Pharmacies and Chemists

Our services are free and delivered by trained advisers. Our experience has shown that having a knowledgeable and qualified person to give you support and using a product such as nicotine replacement therapy (e.g. nicotine patches or gum) or Champix means that you are four times more likely to succeed in stopping smoking.

Prescriptions for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) – e.g. nicotine patches or gum – can be obtained from all of our advisers, and you will normally be provided with enough for one week at a time.

If you would like to know more about what is available in your local area please contact us at Quit4Good and we can help you decide which support is best for you.

Support in the Community

Specialist stop smoking advisors offer tailored advice in various locations in the Borders including: Selkirk, Innerleithen, Galashiels, Jedburgh, Duns, Kelso, Eyemouth and Hawick.

Following an initial one to one assessment you’ll be invited to attend support sessions which covers topics such as: preparing to quit, coping with withdrawals and preparing for difficult situations.

Our advisors understand that stopping smoking can be difficult and will work with you to provide the support that you need to help you smoking.

Pharmacy services

Community pharmacies and chemists offer one to one support. Following an initial assessment appointment with the pharmacist you will be invited to attend for regular sessions of Stop Smoking Support

How to contact us:

If you’d like further support to stop smoking or would like more information on the NHS Borders Quit4Good Service please contact us on 01835 825971 (office hours Monday to Friday, 24 hour answer machine) or email

You can also fill in the form below so the service can call you back at a time that is convenient for you.

Include information about what time would be most convenient for the service to call you back, and why you are trying to get in touch with the service

Alternatively, for free advice you can call Smokeline on 0800 84 84 84 or log on to