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NHS Borders provides excellent patient care through locally delivered services for its residents.

When considering any sort of planned medical or dental treatment outside the UK, this must be discussed fully with your GP, hospital consultant or dentist.

This webpage has been produced to advise where the information regarding cross border treatment can be found.

For guidance on information of your rights to treatment across member states please see the national contact point:

Local Access

Accessibility to NHS Borders services please see NHS Borders Patient Access Policy.

Cross Border Entitlements

When a Borders resident requests cross border health care then an application for funding must be made using the 'Extra Contractual Referral Policy'. Requests should be submitted by a Borders G.P. or a Borders Consultant on behalf of the patient. Treatment will only be paid for following authorisation by NHS Borders Extra Contractual Referral panel.

Please contact for further information.

Treatments available

For service information provided by NHS Borders please see the NHS Borders A-Z service finder on the public website.


Only prior authorised applications by the 'Extra Contractual Panel' will be reimbursed.

Safeguarding Your Information

All NHS staff have a legal duty to keep information about you confidential and store your personal health information securely, this is treated in accordance to 'Data Protection Act (1998)'.