Diet, Health and Nutrition can play a role in your recovery after cancer treatment.

Healthy still means tasty

You don’t have to starve your taste buds of flavour just because you’re eating healthily. Many of our favourite foods are both delicious and nutritious and there’s a wide range of healthy, tasty food you can rustle up in next to no time and on a budget. Healthier Scotland website provide some simple ideas to improve your diet.

The Lifestyle Adviser Support Service (LASS) offers support and advice to people (over 16 years) wishing to make a lifestyle change to improve their health.  Their website contains information about the Lifestyle Adviser Support Service, where it operates and how you can access the service. There is also a directory of Borders based community activities, a resources section with information on healthier living and some links to other websites, covering physical activity as well as healthier eating, safer drinking, emotional well being and smoking services.