Directory of Support Groups and Services

Many patients who have finished treatment have highlighted that often the biggest barrier to "moving on" is a lack of information and understanding about services available.

Part of our pilot focused on developing a directory of services which may be of interest/use. Directories for The Teviot and Cheviot localities are now available and we are currently in the process of developing a directory of services for each of the remaining localities in the NHS Borders area.

Eildon (Galashiels area) Directory

Teviot (Hawick area) Directory

Chevot (Kelso area) Directory

Our research has shown that most of the information regarding what groups and support services are available can be found somewhere, but often is hard to find or information is located on IT systems that are not accessible to all.

A host of information regarding groups and activities available in our local area can also be found on The Bridge and Online Borders web pages.

Often talking to others who have had similar experiences helps. Macmillan Cancer Support host an online community where people can ask questions or chat about any issues they may have. 

 Macmillan Telephone Number