Worries regarding your financies can be huge during and after cancer treatment.

Cancer can be the toughest fight you’ll ever face. The last thing you need is to be worrying about your finances. Macmillan Cancer Support have created a free and confidential tool to help guide your everyday finances. This has recently updated the tool with additional features and information.

Our quick and easy tool can provide you with useful tips and information whether you're a person living with cancer, a carer or family member. Find guidance on:

  • managing day to day spending, helping you to plan your bills and other expenses so you can work out how to make your outgoings match your income
  • pensions and early retirement
  • estate planning, from sorting out your affairs to managing your will
  • a budget calculator to help you sort out your current and future needs
  • borrowing and mortgages
  • insurance including travel, life and payment protection insurance
  • just added: an inheritance tax calculator.  

NHS Borders Welfare Benefits Team

The Welfare Benefits Team has a partnership with Macmillan Cancer support, NHS Borders Macmillan centre and Local Pension Service.  This partnership offers a service which is open to anyone living in the Scottish Borders who is affected by cancer, including patients, their families and carers.

The partnership provides the following:

  • Specialised advice and information for those suffering from cancer, which includes income maximisation.
  • Guidance and assistance with all benefit related matters including appeal representation.

The service is delivered in the NHS Borders Macmillan centre, Borders General Hospital, and also offers telephone advice as well as home visits where appropriate.

Find out more

For more information about how the Borders Macmillan Welfare Benefits Partnership could help you, please contact the Welfare Benefits Team on 01896 661394 or email wbs@scotborders.gcsx.gov.uk   

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