During our pilot we gained an immense amount of valueable information by involving patients and members of the public in our pilot and listening to their feedback, comments and ideas.

During the roll out phase we continue to build on the valued public involvement we undertook in the pilot phase.

We are keen to involve the public as much as possible and endeavour to include patient and public feedback when shaping future services.

Some of the things we have undertaken to ensure the public are involved in TCAT include:

  • Patient digital story
  • Patient/Public Member representation at our TCAT Away Day
  • Baseline Patient Questionnaire
  • Patient Focus Group
  • “Moving On” Participant Evaluation
  • Presented at NHS Borders Public Reference Group
  • 1:1 Patient Interviews

We have also considered feedback from members of NHS Borders Public Involvement Network when developing our Webpage, Directory and Calendar of Events.

We also include as much stakeholder involvement as possible with our colleagues in Health, Social Care and supporting organisations, as  the integration of services and raising awareness of available services is key to the future success of TCAT.