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NHS staff should be able to come to work without fear of violence, abuse or harrassment from patients or their relatives.

In most cases, patients and their relatives will be appreciative towards those who treat them but a minority of people are abusive or violent towards staff. The NHS is committed to dealing with this problem.

The NHS has had a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude towards violence since 1999.

Violent Behaviour

The practice reserves the right to take appropriate action which may involve the decision to remove the patient from the practice list if he or she:

  • Is physically violent or threatening towards a doctor, practice staff or other patients on the practice premises.
  • Causes physical damage to the practice premises or other patients' property.
  • Gives verbal abuse, or makes threats towards doctors, practice staff or other patients.
  • Is violent or uses or condones threatening behaviour to doctors (or other members of the primary health care team) while visiting the patient's home.