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About our services:

The day hospital is an outpatient healthcare faciltiy in which a multidisciplinary assessment, treatment and rehabilitation is available for full or part day. Clinic open on Wednesday for osterporosis treatments, venesections, blood transfusions, routine catherisations and other treatements/ assessments required of us.

The Knoll Day hospital has 10 places for patients from Monday to Friday. At present this service is reduced to 6 places due to refurbishment of the Hospital but will return to 10 after completion. Services provided include:

  • Preventative Care - including health promotion and early detection of illness or disability
  • Curative care - treatments to address specific diseases or health problems
  • Treatments - multidisciplinary assessment or diagnosis and provision of medical, nursing or clinical procedures that cannot be provided at home
  • Rehabilitation - helping patients with disabilities achieve maximum independence
  • Supportive - one or more problem requiring regular attention by multidisciplinary team or support for families needing respite

Staff List:

Catherine Kelly - charge nurse/6
Syliva Drummond - staff nurse/5
Maureen McLachlen -HCW/3
Carol Ross - HCW/3

The aim of the service is to:

  • Prevent admission to hospital bed.
  • Allowing earlier start to diagnostic procedures where there is a waiting list for beds.
  • Provide intermediate care for patients prior to discharge.
  • Allowing earlier discharge from hospital.
  • Continuing supervision of care and therapy after discharge.
  • Support carers to assist with management of patient at home.

Philosophy of Care:

People are all individuals with their own ideas, thoughts, wishes and preferences.

  • People have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • People have a right to choose and to be involved in decisions and will be encouraged to be involved.
  • People are part of a family or a community who should be involved and supported in the person’s care.
  • People have a range of needs which should be considered, including : physical, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, cultural and economic.
  • People and nurses within the Day Hospital have a right and a responsibility to work and be cared for in a safe environment.