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What do we do:

NHS and SAMH integrated service provides crisis support over 24 hour period.

Work with people experiencing mental health crisis, providing assessment/ treatment/ planning towards recovery in the community over a short period of time.

Provide emergency psychiatric assessments, out of hours contacts, gate keeping role and point of contact for others agencies requires information/ advice regarding mental health services in area.

Will refer to other agencies for people to recieve ongoing support suited to their needs.

Referral service is from GP/BECS/A&E/BGH/Mental health services.

Staff List:

Karen Greenhalgh - Consultant Psychiatrist
Joanna Smith - Consultant Psychiatrist
Tracy Hodges - CPN
Pauline Maitland - CPN
Alison Markby - CPN
Gillian Myatt - Acute Liaison Nurse
Sylvia Ruddy - CPN
Richard Turnball -CPN

Cameron Scott - Night Charge Nurse
Elise Dickson - Night Charge Nurse
Alison Lothian -  Nigh Charge Nurse  

Steve Thomson - Senior Support Worker
Lisa Daly - Support Worker
Joyce Bennett - Support Worker