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Where are we:

The MHOAS community team is based at Melburn Lodge however patients and their relatives are seen in a variety of settings such as local health centres, their own homes and day services etc.

We provide community based assessments and treatments for patients with cognitive difficulties and people with a functional illness over the age of 70 years.

About our services:

MHOAS provides a comprehensive patient service. We have a broad based approach with a range of assessment and treatment modalities.

Members of the team work closely with other agencies, particularly social care services, GPs, Alzheimer’s Scotland adult protection etc etc.

Services offered:

  • Intensive assessment of cognition
  • Diagnosis
  • Pharmaceutical treatments, Psychology, occupational therapy
  • Cognitve behavioural therapy, cognitive stimulation therapy,  short term intensive support.

Staff List:

Dr Anna Beaglehole
Dr Lucy Calvert

Psychologist April Quigley

Team Manager Shona Robson

Nursing Staff

CPN Allison Patterson
CPN Yvonne Killean
CPN Lisa Smith
CPN Jenni Williamson

Occupational Therapy

Senior OT Janetta McQuatt
OT Assistant Linda Ruthven

Community HCSW

Jackie Mckenzie
Claire Knill
Lynne Pringle
Fiona Richardson


Team Administrator Shirley Laidlaw
Kelly Reynolds