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About our services:

We provide a community based specialist mental health service for people who have a diagnosis of Dementia in the South of the Scottish Borders with input from Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and other allied health professionals.

We provide:

  • Continued assessment of cognitive function.
  • Support people to enable them to remain living in there homes.
  • Referral onto other allied health professionals for example
  • Occupational Health, Social Work.
  • Carer support.
  • Respite for carers.
  • Social stimulation.
  • Various group activities or one to one activities for example reminiscence, skittles, word games, setting tables, cognitive stimulation groups, walking groups and many more.
  • Group therapies for example CST (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy).

Staff List:

Thomas Hulton RMN (Registered Mental Health Staff Nurse)
Lesley Robertson RMN
Graeme Arnott HCSW (Health Care Support Worker)
John Vause HCSW
Leanne Cannon Administration
Andrew Johnston Volunteer one day per week (Tuesday)

Public Holidays:

We are closed on the following Public Holidays.
25 & 26 December
1 & 2 January
We are open on all the remaining Public Holidays.