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About our services:

We provide a community based specialist mental health service for people who have a diagnosis of Dementia in the Eastern Borders with input from Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and other allied health professionals.

We provide:

  • Continued assessment of cognitive function.
  • Support people to enable them to remain living in there homes.
  • Referral onto other allied health professionals for example Occupational Health, Social Work.
  • Carer support.
  • Respite for carers.
  • Social stimulation.
  • Various group activities or one to one activities for example reminiscence, skittles, word games, setting tables, cognitive stimulation groups, walking groups and many more.

Staff List:

Caroline Hughes RMN (Registered Mental Health Nurse)
Melanie Cromarty RLDN (Registered Learning Disability Nurse)
Lesley Thomson HCSW (Health Care Support Worker)
Shirley Maxwell HCSW
Grace Rennie HCSW

Public Holidays:

We are closed on the following Public Holidays.
25 & 26 December
1 & 2 January
We are open on all the remaining Public Holidays