Community Pharmacy Support for patients within the Specialist Pain Service in NHS Borders 



Chronic pain affects about 18% of the population with around 6% experiencing intense pain that is severely disabling (equating to 20,700 and 6,900 patients in NHS Borders).
The Scottish Government has pledged support for improving pain services and recommended that every NHS board implements the Scottish Service Model for Chronic Pain, taking into account the needs and priorities of their local populations.
An NHS Borders survey of primary care needs for chronic pain patients highlighted the need for local support in the community and promoted the need for chronic pain champions.
Community pharmacists are a primary and sustained point of contact for patients with pain and are an easily accessible point of information and support for patients.
Six community pharmacists in NHS Borders have already been trained to provide self‐management support to a select group of patients. It is proposed that this service is expanded to a wider selection of patients being cared for within the specialist pain service.


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