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Best practice

Case studies of good practice are available at the HPHS website:

  • Helping staff to look after their own health
  • Beware of the Chair [PAHA]
  • Workplace health inequality
  • Antenatal healthy weight walking programme
  • An interactive patient record - supporting mental and physical health improvement
  • Hospital greenspace
  • Promoting physical activity for NHS staff
  • Public and patient involvement
  • Health and wellbeing advisors
  • Physical activity support in palliative care [PAHA]
  • Smoke free hospital premises and grounds 
  • Long-acting reversible contraception
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and smoking

If you are looking for guidance, evidence and resources on the health topics; physical activity, healthy eating, alcohol, smoking cessation, healthy working lives, sexual health, maternal and infant feeding – breastfeeding, go to the knowledge network


To equip you with the skills to have health promoting conversations with your clients and their visitors, we have sourced a range of useful resources:

Making it Easy, the National Health Literacy Action Plan for Scotland, 2014, highlights the hidden problem of low health literacy and the impact that this has on our ability to access, understand, engage and participate in our health and social care.

Teach-back is an easy-to-use technique,developed by the Scottish Health Council,to check that the health professional has clearly explained information to the patient and that the patient has understood what they have been told. NHSScotland has developed a Teach Back technique postcard and copies are available from

Promoting health through conversations 

Refer to our guide on how to have health promoting conversations with your patients.