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Your Health Rights

The Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities – information for you explains what you can expect from the NHS, and what the NHS expects from you.

Access to Your Health Record

The How to see your Health Records leaflet explains your right to see or have a copy of your health records.

Feedback and Complaints

Information about how to provide feedback or make a complaint can be found on our Feedback and Complaints page.

Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS)

The Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS) is an independent service which provides free, accessible and confidential information, advice and support to patients, their carers and families about NHS healthcare.

Borders Independent Advocacy Service (BIAS)

It can be difficult to understand complex rules, or hard to get professionals to see your point of view. You may feel you are not getting the help you need or you may have concerns that the services you are getting are not good enough. You may end up feeling confused and that you have not been treated fairly.

Independent advocacy is a way to help people to have a stronger voice and to have as much control as possible over their own lives.

Borders Independent Advocacy Service (BIAS) can help you to get the information you need to make choices and support you to put your views across to others.

You can contact BIAS by emailing or by phoning 01896 752200.

Patient Access Policy

The Patient Access Policy sets out the approach that NHS Borders will follow to book outpatient, day case, inpatient and diagnostic appointments and what patients can expect in terms of how much notice they can expect, the number and type of offers of appointment they can have. It also sets out what will happen when appointments are cancelled or patients do not attend at clinics or for treatment. It describes what patients can do when they are unhappy with the service that they receive.