Are you a carer, relative or someone who would like to learn more about the changes that may occur in later life? Maybe you are retired and would like to find out how to manage changes to your lifestyle?

To help raise local awareness of mental health in later life, as well as provide strategies and tips to cope with stresses and changes which occur later in life, NHS Borders is running a free information session, in Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels on 7 May 2015 to provide people with information on keeping well in later life.

This hour long information evening will be run by Sinead Murray, Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology within NHS Borders Mental Health Service, and Gordon Elliott from NHS Borders and Scottish Borders Council Joint Healthy Living Network.

Sinead Murray said: “Good mental health and emotional well-being is as important as we age as it is at any other time of life. Mental health difficulties such as low mood, stress and anxiety in later life are often underdiagnosed as ‘one of those things’ that happens as we age. It is not always part of ageing and there are lots of strategies that can be used to improve mental health in later life.

“The information evening is not group therapy, and you will not be asked to talk about yourself or your personal circumstances. Support group contacts, self-help leaflets and DVDs will be available at the classes, along with advice on available one-to-one support.”

The session will take place in Langlee Community Centre on Thursday 7May 2015, from 5.30 – 6.30pm. The class is free to everyone, however as booking is essential please contact 01896 668821 or email to reserve your place.


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