All health boards across NHS Scotland are required to comply with the three aims of the Public Sector General Duty, Equality Act (2010) and (Specific Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2012. The implementation of these legal duties is being monitored by the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland.

The purpose of the Public Sector General Equality Duty is to ensure that all public bodies, including health boards, mainstream equality into their day to day business by proactively advancing equality, encouraging good community relations and addressing discrimination.  

NHS Borders is working hard to ensure that equality is mainstreamed into working practices and policies.   The Equality Mainstreaming Progress Report, which is now available to view on this website, details some of the good work that is going on across the organisation and includes examples of good practice. The report is also available in an ‘easy read’ format.

NHS Borders will continue to work towards full compliance with the duties set out in the Equality Act, and continued mainstreaming of equality within the organisation will be ongoing.

doreen steele equality report

Commenting on the publication of the report Dr. Doreen Steele, Non Executive Director at NHS Borders said: “I am delighted that NHS Borders’ Board has today approved this important document.   The Equality Mainstreaming progress report underlines NHS Borders’ commitment to tackling discrimination, promoting equality of opportunity and good relations - both within our workforce and the wider community.   We still have work to do but this report reflects the breadth of involvement already achieved to date”.