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What is Podopaediatrics?

Podopaediatrics is the study of children’s feet. It is focused on the treatment and correction of early foot deformities and improvement of the Paediatric foot health.

Many deformities that show up in adulthood can be traced back to early foot growth and development in children. Early diagnosis and intervention is therefore essential.

Who do we see?

The Podopaediatric Service in NHS Borders is aimed at children of all ages but is specifically targeting muscoskeletal problems. Any skin or nail problems can be seen by the Community Podiatrist.

Role of the Paediatric Podiatrist?

The role of the Paediatric Podiatrist can differ from other sectors of Podiatry as we can offer the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive in the management of the patient. This allows opportunity to correct deformity early and maintain normal foot function into adulthood.

It is not always necessary to indulge in physical treatment and often sessions can involve monitoring, charting, advising and reassuring.

About our Service

The Podopaediatric clinics are all centralised in Gala Health Centre and take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and occasionally on a Tuesday.

We currently treat any child under 16 years of age with muscoskeletal foot problems.

All children requiring a muscoskeletal assessment will be seen for an initial consultation by the Paediatric Podiatrist at Galashiels Health Centre. Any follow up appointment will be either triaged to the community clinics or remain in the care of the Paediatric Service. This will be determined on an individual needs basis and not by preferred location by the patient.

Referrals must be from a professional, such as G.P, Health visitor, Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist.