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About our service:

Small unit, currently have 8 cots, 2 of which are for high dependency care. We accept any baby over 32 weeks gestation, with any below this being transfered to the tertiary centres. We work closery with the neonatual unit in Edinburgh and use the simpsons guidelines when treating and caring for babies. The neonatal Emergency Transport Service transfers any baby who is likey to need more specialist support to the most approporate hospital. We also provide transitional care where babies are kept with their mums in ward 17 but babies are cared for by staff from SCBU.

When are you open:

Open visting for parents and siblings. All other visiters must be accompanied by a parent (unless prior arrangement with SCBU staff) Visiting times are restricted to 11:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 -19:00 no unrelated children under 16 to visit onlly 2 people to visit per cot side.