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What we do:

At Hawick Day Hospital the multidisciplinary team provide a high standard of individual care to patients.

About our services:

The Day Hospital is operational between 08:30 - 16:00 Monday to Thursday; excluding Public Holidays.
Hawick Day Hospital provides 15 places for patients requiring the following services:

  • Multidisciplinary Assessment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Respite and Social Care - social care or respite for care givers is provided if there are also other health care needs
  • Medical Treatment, Nursing Procedures and Clinical Therapies - specific medical investigations, treatments, or complex nursing and clinical treatments that cannot be managed at home.
  • Nurse led haematology service - includes treatments such as blood transfusion and venesection.

A multidisciplinary assessment is carried out on admission to the Day Hospital; in most cases it involves the whole team, but may be focused on a particular team member. Each patient is allocated a key worker who will co-ordinate his or her care. Realistic goals and care plans are discussed with the patient, health care staff, and where appropriate the care giver, to support the patients return home. This will decided whether the patient attends for full days, half day, or shorter treatment sessions. The care plan is recorded in the multidisciplinary team documentation and regularly reviewed by the multidisciplinary team.


A Consultant physician leads care provided at Hawick Day Hospital. There is also a dedicated multidisciplinary team.

How to access our services:

Patients can be referred to the Day Hospital by their General Practitioners, District Nurse or other NHS Hospital Trusts. Social Work may also refer people. On referral the patient will normally receive notification of their first date of attendance within ten working days. Urgent referrals will be notified earlier.
The referee will be notified in writing of the patient's acceptance to the Day Hospital for assessment and will receive written multidisciplinary team communication on discharge outcomes.