Class description:
Information about how we perform as an organisation, and how well we deliver our functions and services.

The information we publish under this class includes:


How to access it/details of any charges

Key Performance Indicators

Information on NHS Borders key performance indicators and performance against them.  This includes information such as:

  • Local Delivery Plans
  • HEAT Targets
  • Access to Treatment / waiting times
  • Delayed Discharges
  • Infection Control reports and information
  • Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) reports











Audits & Inspections

Information about audits and inspections carried out by external bodies - for example, Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI).


Audit Scotland -

Code of Corporate Governance - /media/342110/code-of-corporate-governance-april-2015.pdf

Annual Performance Report

Includes information on the Annual Accountability Review and Annual Accounts.


Patient feedback

Information on how to provide feedback on our services. 



Complaints statistics


Scottish Public Service Ombudsman  (SPSO)

Findings and our responses