Annual Review

The performance of all NHS Boards is reviewed by the Scottish Government Health Department at the Annual Review. The Review provides an opportunity for members of Borders NHS Board to highlight the year’s achievements and discuss issues with the Minister and members of the Scottish Government Health Department.

The agenda for the Annual Review is set by the Scottish Government Health Department based on national standards and agreed local performance targets. Prior to the Review, NHS Borders submits a Self Assessment of the Board's performance against the agenda items. The Self Assessment contains data and narrative covering targets and issues relevant to specific services and across NHS Borders as a whole. A summary of performance is also provided in a summary performance guide.

Members of the public can attend the review and are also invited to submit questions to be answered on the day of the review.

Following the Review, the Minister provides a summary of the Boards achievements and actions for the coming year in the Annual Review Letter.

Copies of the highlighted documents can be accessed below.

Annual Reports

The NHS Borders Annual Report is published In accordance with Scottish Government Health Department guidance Guidance to NHS Scotland: Preparation of NHS Board Annual Reports 2006/07 and Onwards.

The report sets out key achievements, initiatives and other activities undertaken during the year. In accordance with the guidance, a list of Board members and summary financial information and a summary of the Annual Review Letter is also provided

Annual Accounts