Borders Volunteer Centre

The Volunteer Centre exists to involve more people more effectively in volunteering to help make the Scottish Borders a better place to live. To promote, support and develop volunteering throughout the Scottish Borders by working with volunteer involving organisations in both the public and voluntary sectors. Volunteer Centre Borders has access to a range of local volunteering opportunites.

First Floor
Riverside House
Ladhope Vale
Public Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 10.00am - 2.00pm
 0845 602 3921

Volunteer Development Scotland

As Scotland's Centre for Excellence in volunteering, Volunteer Development Scotland leads the way in informing and modernising approaches to volunteering policy, enhancing practice and improving the quality of the volunteering experience for the people of Scotland. Volunteer Develoment Scotland has access to a range of volunteering opportunities from across Scotland.

Jubilee House
Forthside Way
StirlingFK8 1QZ
Telephone: 01786 479593

Scottish Government issued a Refreshed Strategy for Volunteering in NHS

In February 2008 the Scottish Government issued a Refreshed Strategy for Volunteering in NHS Scotland CEL 10 (2008), in accordance with Better Health, Better Care Action Plan (2007) The strategy requires NHS Boards to work with Volunteering Development Scotland (VDS) to meet the requirements of Investing in Volunteers (IiV) and implement a robust and consistent process for managing volunteers.

Investing in Volunteers Award

The award covers four key areas of volunteering: planning for volunteer involvement; recruiting volunteers; selecting and matching volunteers; and supporting and retaining volunteers. IiV has specific measures that need to be achieved by March 2011.
For more information on Investing in Volunteers please contact Volunteer Development Scotland or visit the designed IiV website: