NHS Borders has issued a ‘Celebrating Our Success in 2014/15’ report to showcase its achievements in the last year.

This annual report demonstrates NHS Borders accomplishments over the past year using a month by month approach. There are examples of success stories in all areas from primary care, to mental health, learning difficulties and acute services. The report illustrates the breadth of activity that is undertaken across NHS Borders by dedicated teams and individuals.

John Raine, NHS Borders Chairman said: “I recognise the hard work and dedication of staff across all services so by pulling together this report we can see at a glance the range of good news stories that made up the 2014/15. “

He added: “It is important that we reflect on the work we have achieved, so we can improve. This report gives us all that opportunity.”

This report is available to view through the NHS Borders website at /media/335699/celebrating-success-report-201415.docx.