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What we do:

Occupational Therapy enables people to achieve health, well-being and life satisfaction through participation in occupation. Occupational Therapists work with people from childhood to old age in a wide range of specialities e.g. paediatrics, adult physical, learning disability and mental health.

Area covered:

Occupational Therapists are employed by NHS Borders and work in multi disciplinary/ multi agency teams across the Scottish Borders in various settings i.e. Borders General Hospital (BGH), Community Hospitals, Community Mental Health and Learning Disabilities teams, and community Paediatric teams/schools.

About our services:

All Occupational Therapists are registered with the Health Care Professions Council who are an independent, UK-wide health regulator, setting standards of professional training, performance and conduct. We all work to a code of ethics and professional conduct, and engage in continuous professional development.

How to access our services:   

If you are in BGH you can be referred by any member of the multi-disciplinary team e.g. consultant, GP, physiotherapist, nurse.In one of the Community Hospitals a patient may be referred by any member of the multi disciplinary team e.g. Doctor, Physiotherapist, Nurse.

Paediatrics - Children can be referred through their school via a consultation with their local therapist, or through a member of the multi-disciplinary team e.g. Consultant Paediatricians, GP, Physio, or Speech and Language Therapist.

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities – Referrals are accepted from NHS Borders staff and GPs.