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About our Services:

The Community Paediatric Physiotherapists deal with:

  • Child Development
  • Movement e.g. walking, posture etc
  • Neurological conditions
  • Respiratory Care
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Rehabilitation following trauma/surgery/infection
  • Health Education
  • Use of specialised equipment

Please see the following leaflet regarding Paediatric Physiotherapy for more information, or to request assistance from our service please fill out our request for assistance form.

Click here for a list of advice leaflets on a range of conditions and topics.

Where are We:

Staff based at Borders General Hospital, with peripheral clinics at Teviot Medical Centre, Hawick, HaylodgeHospital, Peebles and Children’s therapy unit BGH.

Staff List:

Lynne Abercrombie - part time, Band 7 Physiotherapist
Anna Cove - part time, Band 7 Physiotherapist
Hilary Thomson – part time, Band 7 Physiotherapist

Kaye Gray – part time, Band 6 Physiotherapist
Michelle Wallace - part time, Band 6 Physiotherapist

Rotational Junior - full time, Band 5 Physiotherapist

Nikki Lindores - part time, Band 4 Physiotherapy Technical Instructor
Jamie Murray - full time, Band 4 Physiotherapy Technical Instructor
Margaret Lindsay - part time, band 4 Physiotherapy Technical Instructor