District Nurses are registered general nurses who have special training in community health care and lead a team of other community nurses.

What do District Nurses do:

 District Nurses provide support to patients and their families, mainly in the patients own home. A member of the District Nursing team will identify any health care needs a patient may have and discuss a plan of care with them and, if appropriate, their family or carer.

Examples of care given by District Nurses and their team include:-

  • Nursing procedures including wound dressings or giving injections.
  • Supporting and advising on health care and preventing ill health.
  • Caring for the terminally ill.
  • Teaching clients, family or carers aspects of health care.
  • Providing equipment to help clients be independent.
  • Assistance with rehabilitation.
  • Providing emotional support to the family and carers.
  • Joint care management - working with Social Work

District Nurses also have links with other community, social and voluntary services and will assist patients contact relevant services.

Where do District Nurses provide care:

District Nurses are based in the local Health Centre or Doctors Surgery and provide care mainly in the patients own home or in the Health Centre or Doctors Surgery.

When are services provided:

The District Nursing team provides a service from 8.30am to 11.00pm daily. Outwith these times, an emergency service is available following referral from your GP.

Contacting your District Nurse:

Your District Nurse can be contacted at your Health Centre. It may be possible to speak directly to a District Nurse, but if they are not available reception staff will ask for your name and telephone number and the District Nurse will call you back.
Any information you give to Health Centre/Doctors Surgery staff will be treated in confidence.

Standards of Service

Patients can expect certain standards of service from their District Nursing service. These are:-

  • The District Nurse will involve patients in decisions about how their care will be given.
  • Once a request is made for the District Nursing service, a visit will be arranged the same day if the need is urgent, or within 36 hours if it is not urgent.
  • The District Nurse will give patients a morning or afternoon appointment. Patients will be given as much notice as possible if the appointment has to be changed