Class description:

Information about NHS Borders, who we are, where to find us, how to contact us, how we are managed and our external relations.

The information we publish under this class includes:


How to access it/details of any charges

About Us



Organisation’s Purpose, Mission Statement Vision & Values

Our Purpose, vision & values / mission statement describes why we are here? Where we are going & how do we deliver.






Contact Details

Address and contact details for NHS Borders headquarters and hospitalsare available at


Organisational Chart

Details the organisational structure of NHS Borders.


Our Board

Details of Board Members and Executive Directors, and their contact details.


The Board papers can be found here.


Schedule of forthcoming Board meeting dates.


Board Members Declarations of Interest and their Register of Gifts and Hospitality.


Board Members expenses are published here.












List of NHS Borders Directors including their roles and responsibilities.



Details of NHS Borders corporate governance e.g. governance policy, risk register, codes of conduct, standing orders and other governance information.


Our register of interests can be accessed at







News about NHS Borders e.g. news releases, newsletters.



Accountability and Audit Relationships

Details of bodies we are audited and/or regulated by, and the nature of our relationship with them – for example, Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI), Annual Review.

External relations and working with others



Partnership Opportunities

Information on working in partnership with NHS Borders.

 e.g. Public consultant and engagement, volunteering.


Partnership Agreements and Strategic Agreements with other organisations.

Details of our Partnership Agreements and any other strategic agreements we have with other bodies e.g. Memoranda of Understanding.  Information Sharing Protocols

[Contract information can be found in Class 6.]


Agreements with other Health Boards or other public authorities for the provision of services







NHS Borders has various formal agreements in place, for further information please contact the Freedom of Information Officer.


Information on rights, how to make a request



How to complain or make a comment

How to complain or make a comment e.g. complaints policy, and contact details.




How to make a freedom of information request

How to request information, contacts details for FOI section/unit.


How to make a request for personal information

How to apply your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998 and request personal information held by NHS Borders about you.



Model Publication Scheme 2014

NHS Borders has adopted the Scottish Information Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme 2014.


Guide to Information

NHS Borders Guide to Information it makes available under the Model Publication Scheme 2014.