A business continuity and vital records plan serves as the main resource for the preparation for, response to, and recovery from, an emergency that might affect any number of crucial functions in an authority


NHS Borders has corporate, departmental and site Business Recovery/Continuity Plans. These plans include arrangements for the recovery of both physical and digital records and data.


All records and data held on NHS Borders networks are subject to regular back-up and associated recovery procedures. The IM&T Infrastructure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Framework Plan is in place.


All records are of importance to NHS Borders. Replicate images of the network are carried out every 15 minutes and held at two sites. This ensures we have an identical copy held at a remote location. A snapshot of the network is taken every hour and retained for 31 days, also held in two locations. Daily backups are retained for 1 year. Therefore damage to any of NHS Borders server facilities would not prevent our ability to recreate any and all records.


The NHS Borders Resilience Forum meets quarterly and is an integral part of NHS Borders' Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Management framework. Its purpose is to provide a forum which oversees the development, implementation and review of all aspects of NHS Borders' local resilience processes, i.e. emergency planning, business continuity management and the Major Emergency Response Plan.