Local Support for Breastfeeding Parents

  • You and your baby deserve the best
  • Give your baby the best start in life

Did you know?

Breastmilk contains exactly the right balance of nutrients for your baby and is easily digested and absorbed, is instantly available, always at the right temperature and saves you money.

Breastmilk is the cheapest and most convenient way to feed your baby.

Your Breastmilk is made especially for your baby.

It changes as your baby grows to make the right food at the right time.

Breastfeeding helps protect your baby from:

• Tummy upsets
• Ear infections
• Eczema
• Asthma
• Diabetes
• Cot death

And helps protect Mums from:

• Breast cancer
• Ovarian cancer
• Osteoporosis 

Who is it for?

• Families living in Scottish Borders.
• Pregnant mums thinking about breastfeeding and want to know more.
• Breastfeeding mums needing some friendly support.

How does it work?

• You can meet or talk to a peer before or and after your baby arrives.
• You can ask your community midwife or health visitor at any time if you decide that peer support is for you. One of the peers will contact you first by phone or text.
• A volunteer will contact you by phone or text to introduce themselves
• Then you work out together what support you need and for how long.
• In addition before you leave the postnatal ward you will be asked to complete a consent form.
• If you are already breastfeeding and feel that you could do with some extra support you can also request support.

Who are the Peer Supporters?

• We are volunteers living in the Borders who have experience of breastfeeding.
• We are NHS volunteers.
• We have been trained in all aspects of breastfeeding including confidentiality, and have undergone PVG checks.

What We Do?

• The support we provide is in addition to and complements the care you receive from NHS Borders health professionals.
• We offer mums personal friendly, one to one support over the phone/ in your home / at one of the groups or at a venue of your choice.
• Our volunteers understand that in the early days after having a new baby women often need extra support and guidance.
• We will seek to meet your need; you tell us what you want.
• There is lots of evidence to show that Breastfeeding your baby for the first six months and beyond has huge benefits for both you and your baby.
• Although breastfeeding is natural, it is a skill that has to be learned by both mother and baby.
• BiBs project aims to support pregnant and breastfeeding mums by offering help and guidance from our trained volunteers.
• Our volunteers have experience of breastfeeding and have received extra training.
• Our volunteers will offer you friendly support and practical help with breastfeeding.

Further Information:

Further information can be found on the Support Groups Leaflet

Further information on BiBS (Breastfeeding in Borders Support) can be found on the Health Improvement Team page

How to contact us:

Joint Health Improvement Team
01835 825970

BFI Lead

Ward 17
01896 826017Ho