Area Drugs and Therapeutic Committee

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Area Drugs & Therapeutic Committee meets bi-monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month; on alternative months with the Borders Formulary Committee.

The remit of the ADTC is:-

  • To encourage rational prescribing.
  • To facilitate development of, approval and monitoring of prescribing policy and guidelines.
  • To review areas of medicine usage and issue recommendations.
  • To review and approve policies and protocols relating to medicines usage.
  • To consider and issue recommendations on applications for the use of new medicines or preparations in the borders.
  • To ensure that national initiatives are appropriately implemented in the Borders.
  • To facilitate the implementation of the Border Joint Formulary.
  • To advise the Health Board on the introduction of high cost drug therapies.
  • To monitor practice and development within the Borders area.

Structure and Organisation:

Currently there are three standing sub committees of the Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee (ADTC), namely the Borders Formulary Committee (BFC), the Non Medical Prescribing (NMP) Planning & Oversight Group and the Individual Patient Treatment Request (IPTR) Panel.